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União Geral dos Trabalhadores

The UGT – UNIÃO GERAL DOS TRABALHADORES is a civil association with indefinite duration, with jurisdiction in all Brazilian territory and representation in all States. It is a maximum degree of union representation and has the purpose of coordinating, representing and defending the rights and interests of workers.

It is a union organization formed from the unification of the trade union confederations Confederação Geral dos Trabalhadores - CGT, Social Democracia Sindical – SDS, Central Autônoma de Trabalhadores - CAT and of a wide group of independent unions.

The UGT was founded on July 19, 2007, during the National Workers' Congress, which took place on July 19, 20 and 21 in São Paulo, and gathered more than 3,400 delegates representing 623 trade union entities from all over the world. The first national executive was elected for a 4-year term, with Ricardo Patah, president of the São Paulo Trade Unions, as National President. 

Constituted to defend Brazilian workers in the spirit of solidarity through a broad union movement – ethical,  independent, democratic and innovative – the UGT advocates unity in trade unionism and the right to free association and organization, aiming at building a peaceful, just and democratic social project, centered on the human being, able to offer answers and solutions to national problems.


Today we count with 1336 affiliates unions.

1277 Trade unions

57 National Federations

2 National Confederations

Our representation is about 5,5 million workers on the basis of trade unions (of which 20% are unionized, which represents 1.1 million unionized workers).

Head Office: Aguiar de Barros, 144 Bela Vista, 01316-020, São Paulo – SP

Fone: (11) 2111-7325

Fax: (11) 2111-7301